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April 9th @ Phantasmagoria w/Hot Charlie, The Obvious, Shakin' Bacon, and 3 Flights Up. Show starts at 2 pm. Tickets are $5

April 22nd @ Mary Washington w/ Divide By Zero, Schervo and Skywave.

April 22nd @ Santa Fe Grill w/Skywave (9:30 start).

May 21st @ Cafe Tattoo w/Mudshark and 3 more TBA. Starts at 2 pm

June 17th @ Vienna CC w/Shakin Bacon, 3 Flights Up, Hot Charlie, US Agents, Bucket of Monkey, The Obvious, and Die Cheerleader Die. Starts at 6:00pm. This is The Obvious' last show, so make sure you're there!

*All Upcoming Summer East Coast Tour Dates TBA. (States include: VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY, et. al.)


*For other info regarding shows, go to: Pheer