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Cutdown was formed back in November of 1998 in Northern Virginia.  The band has been compared to other West-coast style bands such as Millencolin, Ten Foot Pole, Strung Out, Lagwagon, and Unwritten Law.  Stylistically, Cutdown plays a type of music that is a unique blend of speed, melodies, and pure energy.  The music on recordings illustrates only a fraction of the band's actual capabilities.  Most will agree that their live shows are second to very few in the punk scene throughout.  Patrick Sparx fronts the band with his aggressive yet melodic vocals and driving basslines, while the talent, craftiness and sheer power behind drummer Dan O'Neill provides a synergy for the remainder of the band.  Guitar players Aaron Sparx and Derek Mills display a combination of guitar work that is unmatched by most other duos.  Make sure that you check 'em out when they come to your town! (And pick up a copy of their new cd, of course).